Write Right from God by Tom Bird, the Author Whisperer
Did you ever wonder why, at times, words just poured out of you or why you feel mysteriously drawn to write a book?

If so, this book is for you. It answers all of the questions about why we are really meant to write. And, as you will find, the real reason we are drawn to write has way more significance than to just sell a few books or to make a name for ourselves. 

In this ultimate book for all authors and aspiring writers; Best Selling Author, legendary literary mid-wife and renowned author oracle, Tom Bird, shares it all. 

And in doing so, Tom frees us to finally succeed in all areas of writing. If writing is something you feel pushed to do or is something you want to do, this is a book not to be missed. It will change your life and forever alter the way you look at the world and your role in it. 
  • Gain Credibility and Name Recognition
  • Increased Perceived Value of Your material or Resources
  • Creating a Platform
  • Creating Ancillary Products
  • Invitations to Speak
  • Higher Speaking FeesInvitations to Speak
  • Invitations to Speak
  • Higher Consulting Fees
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  • 2 audio books to help you reach the necessary writing state so easily that literally anyone can write and write well. Just employ the use of Track One each day before beginning and them flow into Track Two, the subliminal part, while writing. 

Best-selling author and author whisperer TOM BIRD has led tens of thousands to the successful completion of their books. An innovator by nature, his most recent breakthrough is his Write Your Publishable Book in a Weekend Retreat, where over 98 percent of those who have attended in the last few years completed the writing of their books.

  • Heal relationships
  • Rights wrongs
  • Cleanse wounds
  • Find purpose 
  • Release divine voices 
  • Birth and reinvigorate new vocations that had become stagnant 
  • Live a better life.
"It is said that a great book changes the lives of many. I believe that the greatest change experienced by writing a book is for the author doing the writing."                                                                                                                   ~ Tom Bird

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Creative + Simple + Motivational + Fun = Effective Results
This book, by Tom Bird, offers writers (new, aspiring and seasoned authors) tools, techniques and lessons about the writing, publishing, and marketing aspects of being an author.. The book is full of "Writer's Reflections" and quotes which I found intriguing and a pleasant distraction from the more technical information. Tom's ability to consider the writing world from several perspectives was valuable, and provided the reader the information needed to make their publishing decisions. A great read for authors, and even those who have written books before there is great information to guide you in your book business.
~Charmaine Hammond, Bestselling author On Toby's Terms, Bounce Forward, and Toby The Pet Therapy
Dog & His Hospital Friends

A Real Breakthrough
Tom Bird's approach to writing is a real breakthrough from the traditional approach to the creative process. The book explains the process is easily digestible segments and empowers the reader to step off into the abyss of possibility and unleash their creativity.
~Heather C.

A Must Have Book
This is a must-have book if you are thinking of writing and getting your book published. Tom has thought of everything! Besides being informative, he really makes his method for writing a book so easy that you will no doubt succeed! You will feel as though you have a personal coach. Write-on Tom!
~Patricia A. Comer "Creating As I Go"

Write Your Book Now!
If you've ever dreamed of writing your book and being a published author on a book tour, this book is a "must have." In the 30 years since I got my degree in Journalism, this is, not only the most comprehensive book on becoming a published author, it is the best value ever.
~Deborah K.

Through Tom Bird’s Publish Now program, thirty-one authors have become #1
Amazon Best Selling Authors!
Why write a book? 

Tom doesn't teach you how to write. He simply helps you reconnect with the author you already are, beyond all that you've learned. Once there, all you had lost suddenly returns; you birth your book in record time, and and changeyour own life-- for your audience and for yourself.

Everyone should write a book because everyone is meant to write a book. It is the sole way of delivering the message we were all born to live and then leave behind, first to the author himself or herself and then to the outside audience. It is from that perspective, and from what feels like several lifetimes of experience in this area, that this book is written.

As an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, trainer, or any professional that markets their services, having a published book gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition. Not only does it give you a product to sell or use as a marketing, promotional or positioning tool, it makes you the expert, your book proves your expertise. Writing a book shows your passion and commitment to your business: you took an extraordinary journey and wrote a book.

Your published book will attract clients, open many doors for you to present, create new possibilities for building your business and generating income in a variety of ways.

Imagine speaking to a prospect about your services and then presenting them with a signed copy of your book! Your book is a very powerful tool that will associate you and your services to them. Whether or not they read your book, they will see it and think of you, your services and level of professionalism and commitment. A book provides you with an influential competitive edge.

Here are some additional benefits of writing a book:

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits           Professional Benefits: